Get a make-over for your missing teeth!

Snap-On Smile teeth are a great smile make-over option that is affordable, easy, reversible and painless that can be used as a temporary or a more permanent enhancement.

Snap on Smiles offer an excellent alternative for missing, crooked, stained or discolored teeth, teeth with spaces where implants, bridges and other restorative alternatives are not an option.

Snap on smile is also a comfortable and affordable alternative to patients unhappy with the fit and feel of a removable partial denture.

Snap on Smile is manufactured using a proprietary dental resin that is thin, yet strong. The processing starts with taking precise impressions of the upper and lower jaw with instructions to the lab of the desired shade and other characteristics of the desired restoration. A second appointment about three weeks following the impression visit is for seating of the Snap on Smile.

Snap on Smiles can be made for upper or lower teeth and have proven to be a life changing and confidence building alternative to the more expensive and invasive restorative options. Maintenance is simple with some specially formulated cleaning and disinfecting solutions.